The Elite Brokers Club – 1 Day- Business Performance Workshop



Product Description

Improvement | ROI | Performance | Profitability | Quality | Momentum

Mortgage Brokers
– Business Performance Workshop

Get A Higher Return From The Business You Have Built 

This one day workshop walks Elite Mortgage Brokers through 7 ingenious tweaks they can make to their business to get a higher return off their team, investment and effort.

Led by Mark Dobson, one of Australia’s most unique business and performance minds, The Elite Brokers Club & Workshop is a remarkable opportunity to drive your business and personal goals forward with the support and resources of a sophisticated business community.

What are the benefits?

  • Solve and grow your business, better, faster, easier.
  • Bring a list of problems/bottle necks/challenges in your business and gain elegant, customised solutions for them
  • Fast track your teams performance with customised strategy
  • Get your own dairy and leadership to an elite level
  • Gain insight into how other brokers solve problems like yours
  • Get clear on what you are building next and exactly what has to happen for it to work

We achieve this by looking at 7 areas of your business have unrecognised wins available. Each win is small but they will compound to give you an uncommon return on your effort.

The content explores – Recognising and Leading:

  1. A business vision you can articulate
  2. High value activities you team need to be doing above all things
  3. Fast tracking your teams ability
  4. Solutions for time expensive bottle necks
  5. Action on opportunities that create better customer experience with less time required from the boss
  6. The hand over of task that are tedious for the leader but a stretch for team members
  7. Diary design that liberate the experience of team members, leadership and customer

The day is facilitated by Mark Dobson, around a boardroom table. It has a high level of interaction. Mark will make sure you understand every part of the day and are able to apply it to your business.


November 28th

10am – 6pm (So you can make some calls in the morning)

Only 18 attendees.

Thrive Network – Level 2, 52 Albert Rd. South Melbourne, Vic.

$890 (inc. gst).  per head.
Early bookings before Oct. 31st. $690 (inc. gst).  per head.