“Ubuntu Teams – Creating synergy and liberating talent in your team”

Presented by business & performance coach Mark Dobson 

Morning: Presentation & Keynote

Unleash Dormant Talent In Your Team

When a business leader hits their first goal – to be operational and deliver a great product –  the next goal is to unleash what the organisation is really capable of. To knock it out of the ball park.

On this day for leaders and their teams, be blown away as Mark walks you through elegant and practical strategies to have the dormant talent in your organisation come to the fore.

In the morning, Mark will present key principles to achieve the momentum and chemistry you are looking for in your organisation with less effort. He will take questions from the floor, workshop businesses’ challenges and fast track your team’s growth.

Then in the afternoon, the room is available for you to have your own team discussions, meetings, planning sessions or whatever is helpful to you. Mark will also be available to contribute to your discussions and fast track solutions.

The structure of the day means you get great knowledge in the morning and the time to integrate it into your organisation in the afternoon.

You can expect:

  • A room full of leaders and their teams
  • Content that will fast track your progress
  • Potent round-table discussion
  • Extraordinary network
  • Remarkable insight into creating chemistry in your team
  • Mark available for questions afterwards
  • An energising morning with plenty of laughter


After advising high performers and business leaders for 25 years, Mark now has an incredible library of strategies to fast track performance in teams. He has organized these into a framework that can be easily navigated called Ubuntu Teams. On this day, Mark will outline the framework and each team members role in the process.

The elegance of the framework and the simplicity of implementation mean that teams become aligned on where to put their efforts to achieve more with less effort. 

Areas covered include:

  • Authentic V’s Perceived Success
  • Creating ‘Ubuntu’ or Elite Teams
  • Managing Time to Increase Productivity  
  • 4 KPI’s of an Elite Team
  • Mastering Personal Performance


Seats are available for those in Mark’s business network.

You can book single tickets, multiple tickets, or book at table of 8 if you want to bring your team or clients.

Use the link below to register, telling us how many seats you would like, along with the names of those attending. We will reply to confirm.

96 seats available (12 tables).



Friday October  25th

8.30am to 12.30pm 

@ Royce Hotel – 379 St. Kilda Rd. Melb

( Bookings essential )




Mark has spent twenty-five years in the trenches alongside CEOs, World Champion athletes, innovators, and pioneers. His clients are elite performers from every sphere – true outliers.

CEOs seek out Dobbo when they need to bypass the ‘yes men’ and cut through the rhetoric, crystallising elegant strategy to improve their people and the bottom line.

Athletes come to Dobbo for his ability to maintain their edge when they’re winning and guide them when the path to victory seems insurmountable.

Evidence of his craft, athletes under his guidance have won medals in three Olympics, two Winter X Games, multiple World Championships and have broken seven world records.

His corporate clients such the big four banks, Energy Australia, Finstra, MotorOne, FleetPartners and Braaap motorcycles have seen division or company-wide improvements in efficiency, morale and results. While the Early College Dobbo was a founding member of in New York City, which fast tracked students by two academic years, was praised by former President Barack Obama for its educational innovation. Dobbo truly understands elite communities and what it takes to create them.

He will bring you a fresh level of clarity around your leadership, performance and business success.

Mark Dobson


Royce Hotel

379 St Kilda Road

Parking: Ace Parking on Bowen Crescent


“Dobbo was pivotal in growing us 300% above the industry growth rate and becoming Australian specialised retailer of the year. He is a gold mine of strategy and insights, collected from all the incredible people he has worked with. Gold!”

Brad Smith – CEO braaap Motorcycles


You may not have heard of Mark,
but you will know those he has personally advised.



»      Matt Targett – World Champion Swimmer
»      Marieka Guehrer – 2 x World Record Holder
»      Christie Jenkins – Trampoline & Beach Volleyball
»      Colby West – 3 Times Winter X Games Medallist
»      Kate Smyth – Olympic Runner
»      Gary Ayers – Port Melbourne Football Club Played the perfect season
»      Victoria Mitchell – Olympic Runner
»      Tansel Ali – Memorised the Yellow Pages
»      Grant Hackett – World Champion Swimmer
»      Kathryn O’Shea – Australian Mountain Bike Champion
»      Ian Pope –  Australian Olympic Swimming Coach
»      Corey McKernan – AFL Premiership Player
»      Laetisha Scanlan – Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist (Shooting)
»      Kobie Scott – 5 x World Record Holder, Swimmer
»      Ryan Tuerck – Drift Car Driver, USA, 10 Podiums


»      Bayer
»      National Australia Bank
»      braaap Motorcycles
»      Cancer Council
»      F&S Management
»      Fleet Partners
»      Bard High School Early College New York City
»      Forstaff Recruitment
»      Envisian – Cloud Computing
»      Incremental Systems
»      NRMA
»      Outward Bound
»      P&O
»      Snowgum
»      Sybase
»      Telstra
»      Toyota
»      The Practice
»      MotorOne

Brad Smith

Brad Smith – braaap Motorcycles

Colby James West

Colby James West – XGames Medalist

Matt Targett

Matt Targett – Olympic Swimmer

Tansel Ali

Tansel Ali – Memory Champion

Dobbo is the game-changer you have been looking for!

“Mark had the respect of the playing group because of not only recounting stories of his own upbringing which was easily identifiable by my group but also his work with world class athletes.”

Gary Ayres5 x AFL Premiership player – Mark worked with Gary’s players before they played the perfect season. Zero losses.

“I medaled twice at the XGames with Mark as my coach. It was just awesome!”

Colby James WestWinter XGames Medalist (USA)

“Mark has been instrumental in my development as a leader and assisting me to navigate through the many challenges faced in my varied roles.”

Jason CunninghamPartner at The Practice

“More than a thousand have climbed Everest, very few can do what Mark Dobson does. He is a master of innovation.”

Matt TargettOlympic Medalist