Prove Yourself In Your Industry?

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How do I Prove Myself  In My Industry?

Recently, after the formalities and speeches at a friends wedding, I was asked by a guy in his late 20’s, how I had established myself in my industry? It’s not uncommon for me to be asked questions like this however on most occasions people don’t listen to how I did it, they listen for things that verify their ideas.

On this occasion I could see in his eyes, he was hoping I wouldn’t brush his question aside with a polite answer. He was looking for me to answer honestly. He had hunger in his eyes. Not blind motivation, hunger. So I told him as straight as I could. I took a deep breath.

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So Busy That Nothing Happens

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In 2010, the now famous entrepreneur and Superlight rider Brad Smith, hired me to coach him.  If you haven’t heard of Brad, he is the founder and CEO of braaap motorcycles, which in it’s first year turned over a million dollars when Brad was just 18.  He was now 23 and had built braaap into a national enterprise and Australia’s only motorbike manufacturer.  To further create the picture of what Brad is like, on two occasions he had won Young Australian Entrepreneur of the year, and on three occasions braaap had won Telstra Retail Business of the year. Brad is Australia’s Richard Branson. Read More

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I Wonder If I Have Achieved Anything In My Life At All

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I don’t recall what triggered it, but I was flat. It was one of those tough patches in life. A time of being super introspective. In hindsight I think I had been comparing myself to bigger fish in my sea. Regularly hanging out with exceptionally talented people had taken its toll. It isn’t always good for your self esteem to be around so many freak talents. I was hurting. “Had I achieved anything in my life at all?” Read More

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Your Talent Is A Four-Leaf Clover!

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You might remember a story they told us when we were kids. About a man who went on a desperate search to find a magical four-leaf clover. The three leaf clover was easy to find but the four leaf clover had all sorts of special powers. After years searching far and wide, eventually he reluctantly returned home, empty handed and despondent. At which time, while resting in his yard, he looked down to discover what he sought for so long had been right there in his back yard all the time. There in his yard was a four-leaf clover. Read More