Your 2021 Business Planning Day – Single Ticket


Strategic Plan | Milestones | Alignment | Facilitated | Room of Leaders | Best Year Yet

The One Day Business Planning Workshop 

Hit your business goals – better & faster.

Facilitated by Mark Dobson, this day is designed to get you (or your leadership team) clear and aligned for the year ahead.

Mark will walk you through a series of steps for you and your team to get clear on so that you can charge through the year.

Every 45 minutes he will pose a new question for you to lock in an answer to; by the end of the day creating a well crafted plan.

Enjoy bouncing your ideas off the other brilliant minds in the room, hearing their strategies and coming up with plan far better than you would have designed on your own.

Whether you already have a plan, or you have none at all, this will get you to your next level – better and faster.



Evenings dates:

January 21st


CBD or Bayside
(Full details provided closer to the date.)


9am to 5.30pm


$695 for a table for your business.

or $495 for a single ticket.

Note: This day is free for One To Ten Business Club members.

“Our previous model wasn’t converting into results. The Ubuntu Leadership framework on the other hand generates a culture that allows talent to thrive. It actually demands more accountability than you would think you could ask of your people, but people love it because they know they are all in it together.”
Jason Cunningham – Partner at The Practice. – TV & Radio Personality




“It is like Mark has his own library of strategies, available for him to draw from at anytime.”

Paul Burgess – CEO Link Up International