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Product Description

Discovering Talent | Developing People | Mental Edge | Being World Class

Live More Performance – 2 Day Workshop
12 & 13 October 2019 | Melbourne CBD

Whether you’re interested in developing your own ability, leading people more talented than you, mastering internal dialogue, or planning a world record, this course will sky-rocket your ability and your knowledge of what strategy to use and when.

“A bad performance haunts the artist like a nightmare for days, and the memory of it erased only by a good performance.” Gerald Moore


Mark has advised athletes to medals across three Olympics, two Winter X Games, multiple World Championships and to seven World Records. If anyone can show you how to perform better, Mark is the guy.

Liberate Your Talent & The Talent You Mentor

In this remarkable course, over two days participants apply elite performance strategies to their own craft, followed by seven weeks of online training, which includes weekly, small group Skype calls. These calls ensure the subtleties of the content is understood so it can be applied for maximum benefit.

Learn how to:

• Deliver your best performance consistently.
• Be able to switch on your performance mood in any situation.
• Strategically develop talent and coach to a plan.
• Understand and utilise crucial performance levers and ingredients.
• Anticipate performance disaster and delusion before they occur.
• Implant the ‘Elite Thinking’ which precedes World Records.
• Troubleshoot performance mysteries.

The course comprehensively looks at:

• Working with a deliberate performance framework.
• Separating authentic goals from inauthentic goals.
• Structures to use in coaching conversations.
• Seven powerful conversations to have leading into events.
• Three levers of motivation.
• Customised time management strategies.
• Responding to a bad result.
• Four errors coaches must resist.
• Having difficult conversations.
• Recovering from being wrong.
• Psychology that precedes World Records.
• Potent pre-event routines and dialogue.
• The ‘Confidence’ myth.
• Visualisation techniques.
• Maze Method for achieving ‘out of reach goals’.
• Triggering ‘The Zone’.
• Identity Matching.
• 100 Point Skill Assessment.
• Correcting significant under performance.
• Talent potential not coming to fruition.
• Same old mistakes again.
• Not knowing the answer.

“Mark has a clear understanding of the mindset that is required in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance.” IAN POPE – AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC SWIMMING COACH

How it works

The course is two full days. Three weeks later the online component begins.
The online component is broken into 2 x three week blocks.

Each week of the online course involves:

• 60+ minutes of audio.
• 30+ minutes of video workshop.

Followed up with:

• A 90 minute small group Skype call on the following Tuesday or Wednesday night.
Webinars are from 7pm to 9pm AEST. They are recorded and available online for your ongoing use, or in case you miss one.

The Course Includes

• Audio book – Coaching for Performance.
• Audio workshop – Lifting Ability to a Higher Level.
• Weekly worksheets.

“Mark has shown me how to use my strengths and abilities not only to compete, but to dominate in competition.” TANSEL ALI – AUSTRALIAN MEMORY CHAMPION


Early Bird $1,695 (if paid and registered by 30 September).
Fee thereafter $2,195.


12 & 13 October 2019.


Melbourne CBD.

“Mark is a gold mine of strategy and insights, collected from all the incredible people he has worked with.” BRAD SMITH – CEO, BRAAAP MOTORCYCLES