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Audit Your Year And Finish Strong!

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Auditing Your Year And Finish Strong

We are all about to hit the crazy part of the year where months disappear and our internal dialogue shifts to “I’ll get onto that next year” as we fall across the line to Christmas. However, there is a better way to finish your year.

For my clients and those in my business club I have them audit the year and then decide on how to finish it.

The first question I ask to audit the year is:

“Where did you succeed this year that is worthy of acknowledgement or celebration?”

I ask this because sometimes our greatest achievements were not ticking off planned goals, but instead it was how we rose to unexpected challenges or delivered on unexpected projects. Likewise, sometimes we succeeded because we coped, changed or stepped up.

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A More Fulfilled Life

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I remember throwing that chair across the backyard harder than I had ever thrown anything in my life. It was a reckless act. Uninhibited. Instinctive. Desperate. I was distraught. “It shouldn’t be this hard!” I screamed as it flew through the air. I was aware that Mum and Dad watched on as I lost it and I felt for them. Their son’s pain was their pain. I was in tears, I ran away and just cried, for a long time.

I was about twenty five when that happened I think; full of passion. I had a dream of how I wanted to live and it wasn’t happening, at all. Actually my life was going backwards and at pace. I had no money, no clients, my friendship circle was getting smaller and any strategy I had to remedy the situation was failing.

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You’re not safe.

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Sometimes I can’t relax. I might be sitting with friends or family at dinner, walking on the beach or doing something that looks like a dream moment from the outside, but I am just not there. I’m scared.

My adrenals are still pumping. My day has been one of cutting crisis off at the pass, dealing with difficult people and getting nervous about things I may have missed or forgotten. There is now no risk of any significance yet my adrenalin still has me wired. Scared. Anxious.

What am I scared of? What is this anxiety? Why can’t I switch off and enjoy just being happy?

I try to rationalize it away yet something inside of me, something that should not be ignored, says I am not safe. That at any second this magic moment will be shattered by something unpleasant.  I want to switch the angst off but maybe this angst is sending me a message I need to pay attention to. So I keep listening for the message. Read More

A Framework for Recruiting and Retaining High Performers.

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Anyone can hire but not everyone can find, hire and retain a high performer.

No matter how many space cadets you have interviewed or how many awesome people have slipped through your fingers, the high performer you dream of does exist and is available.

Mind you, attracting and retaining them is a skill and may require you to fine tune some aspects of your own game to reel them in. Success requires strong leadership throughout the whole process; if you fail to lead you will lose. Read More