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One to Ten

Business Club

Tap into Dobbo’s business network
and have him coach you

The One To Ten Business Club is a phenomenal business coaching community, crafted for the business owner who is hungry to take their organisation and leadership to the next level.

One to Ten Business Club

Mark sharing strategy at a Business Club Breakfast

Rod Butterss shares his genius

Being A Business Owner Can Be Lonely

Of course, you have friends and loved ones you are close to, but who can you bounce off?

Who has similar challenges?

Who else innovates, takes risks, juggles staff, controls quality, managers customers, crafts contracts, understand accounts and all the rest?

Who can open doors?

Who can give you the answer you need, fast?

With the resources, network and guidance at the One to Ten Business Club you will wonder how you ever ran your business without it.

About the Business Club

The One To Ten Business Club is led by Mark Dobson, business advisor and performance coach.

The group feels more like a BBQ with friends than a Business Club. It is informal, fun and welcoming. At the same time it is potent, candid and strategic.

Pictured: Rod Butterss (far right) shares his genius

I feel like I’m boxing in the business ring, and I’m more confident about throwing some big hits because I have Dobbo and the Business Club in my corner.”

Matthew Magain

Founder & Owner | Sketch Group

Business Club Membership Includes

business club goals workshop

Goals Workshop

In January each year, members are welcome to bring any key people in their business to this one day Goals Workshop to craft the year ahead.

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This 1 day workshop is designed to get you, or your leadership team, aligned for the year ahead. Mark will walk you through a series of steps for you and your team to get clear on so you can charge through the year. Every 45 minutes he will pose a new question for you to lock in an answer. By the end of the day you will have created a well-crafted plan.

Enjoy bouncing your ideas off the other brilliant minds in the room, hearing their strategies and coming up with a plan far better than you would have designed on your own.

Whether you already have a plan, or none at all, this will get you to your next level – better and faster.

Pictured: Olympic Medallist Matt Targett, shares the insights and strategies Mark helped him develop over many years working together.

6 Mastermind Days

6 Mastermind Days per year where we workshop each other’s businesses, learn new strategies and have a business leader join us for a glass of wine and a chat. These run from 1pm to 9pm.

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Round Table Forum – 1pm to 5.30pm

In the first part of the day members work together to navigate the present challenges they have in their business. They share goals and objectives, swap ideas, ask for advice, share wisdom and strategies through road blocks.

In the latter part of the day, Mark shares business strategy that can be applied to your business. By the end of the day everyone commits to the key actions they will achieve by the next meeting. Accountability to peers is highly valued.

New Connections – 5.30pm to 7pm

In the early evening enjoy drinks and canapés with members, guests and those especially invited by Dobbo to resource members further. This is an opportunity to follow up an earlier conversation, meet other part-time members, fire off some emails, or just laugh with peers.

Guest Presenter – Masterclass 7pm to 9pm

At 7pm we gather to be mesmerised by a true business giant. Be on the edge of your seat as a genuine business great expands on the challenges, strategy, sweat and genius that allowed them to build their dream.

These people rarely have high profiles, but they are truly exceptional in their field. The interview is candid and interactive. If you have a question, you will be able to ask it. (You may have heard outtakes of these on Dobbo’s Podcast)

10 Weeks Later

We do it all again…

  • Revisit your goals
  • Set new ones
  • Bounce ideas
  • Meet new business owners
  • Hear from a business giant
  • Implement genius.


Dobbo will spend 3 hours with you, understanding your business and solving blocks you have.

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All members have an initial one-on-one coaching session with Mark (3 hours).

In this session, Dobbo will get to know you and your business and look for any strategic moves you may not have recognised. You can also put any challenges in front of him you want to navigate and he will guide you through them.


Further Coaching

Some members extend their membership to include monthly or weekly coaching. This is a separate fee and is subject to availability.

The Micro Library

Dobbo’s tool for training your staff, offering over 100 videos of solutions to problems in business. They are 4-6 minutes long and can be watched at the start of a meeting or shared over email to train your team.

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This tool will change your life!

One of the challenges for a leader is that as they grow with each course or workshop they are in, their team can be left behind. The pressure then builds on the leader to find a way to teach their team. This can be slow (to find the right course, content or trainer) and expensive (delays lining up dates and then paying a guest trainer or having staff take time off to learn).

To solve this, Dobbo created over 100 short training videos which summarise content from his Leadership Syllabus to bring a team up to speed in minutes.

You can look through the list of titles, find a video which addresses the specific problem you have in your business, and then play it to the team at the start of a meeting, or email it to them to watch in their own time.

Each video is designed to fast-track your team’s understanding of business and guide them to put effort where they will be effective. Topics like Generating Leads, Closing Sales, Working As A Team, Responding To A Failure, Sustaining Success and volumes more.

The videos are short and potent.

After you leave one of Dobbo’s sessions, there will always be video you can then play to your team so they know how to play their part going forward.

20-Minute Coaching Calls

Inevitably something will happen in your business that needs a smart approach. Full members have access to 20-minute coaching calls for bouncing an idea or navigating a crisis.

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After years of coaching business leaders and athletes around the world, Mark recognised that it is most helpful to have an educated person to call when unique challenges pop up. For that reason, the Business Club includes 20-minute coaching calls as needed throughout the year.


Further Coaching

Some members extend their membership to include monthly or weekly coaching. This is a separate fee and is subject to availability.

The One To Ten Leadership Syllabus

All you learn at the Business Breakfasts and Mastermind Days can be tracked and shared with this folder of PDFs and resources.

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All you learn at the Business Breakfasts and Mastermind Days can be tracked and shared with this folder of PDFs and resources. Strategies and notes are kept in an easily accessible folder for later reference and to ensure you keep track of which modules have been undertaken.

Being a leader in business can be lonely, but the One To Ten Business Club provides strategies that work, accountability for your actions and inspiration from world-class talent.”

David Cowen

Owner Director | Finstra

Ultimate Return on Investment

Dobbo is obsessed with having a high return on time. The MicroLibrary, Mastermind Days and 20-Minute Coaching Calls are far more impactful than you might initially think.

You won’t be able to get to all events. No one ever does. We have many events, so if you miss one, there is another to keep you up to speed and connected to the community. The pricing and schedule anticipates that you won’t be able to get to everything and assumes 70% attendance. Above that is a bonus.

I found Mark really refreshing because he came at things with fresh eyes – a different perspective. He could get me to see things that were in my blind spot. I think that takes a unique skill, to be able to get someone to really see a different light, about themselves, in a way that’s not intimidating.”

Kate Smyth

Olympic Marathon Runner | Founder of Athlete Sanctuary

Membership Options

One to Ten Business Club Logo

Full Business Club Membership provides access to all components for 1 year:

  • Goals Workshop
  • 6 x Mastermind Days & Evenings
  • 3hr One-on-One Business Coaching Session
  • The Micro Library Resources
  • 20 Minute Coaching Calls
  • Leadership Syllabus Resources

Members can also choose individual components to suit their needs.

Goals Workshops

January Goals Planning Workshop

$695 +GST


6 Events Per Year (1pm-9pm)

$3,060 + GST

Evenings Membership

2 x Mastermind Evening Events Per Year

$750 + GST

The Micro Library

Extensive Library of Video Resources

$995 + GST

Price may vary depending on number of employeesBook A Call Back

3 hrs Business Coaching

One-on-One Business Coaching Session with Mark Dobson

$2,200 + GST

Full Membership

All Business Club Components for 1 Year: • Goals Workshop • 6 x Mastermind Days & Evenings • 3hr One-on-One Business Coaching Session • The Micro Library Resources • 20 Minute Coaching Calls • Leadership Syllabus Resources

$6,495 + GST

Or 10 payments of $655 + GSTBook A Call Back

As a small business owner, the Business Club has given me a network of resources and access to the knowledge and experience I need to grow my business.”

Amanda Weir

Principal Lawyer | Bayberry & Weir Legal

Is it a good match for you?

It is for you if

You own and manage your own business
Employ any number of staff or contactors
Value having smart people to bounce ideas off
Need designated time to strategically think through your business
Your business is established with cash flow and has growth potential
Seek to navigate crossroads in your business faster and better
The fee for the Business Club will easily be covered by business growth

It is not for you if

Your sole interest is networking to gain new customers rather than seeking to run your business better and helping others to do the same
You won’t respect the process of setting targets and taking action to hit them
You will hog discussions and not listen to others
You are not hungry anymore
Someone else would be paying for your membership (if you don’t have skin in the game, you won’t engage sufficiently)
If it seems like too much money for your business, then it is

High performers Mark has advised

Brad Smith

Brad Smith
CEO, Braaap Motorcycles

Tansel Ali

Tansel Ali
Australian Memory Champion

Matt Targett

Matt Targett
Olympic Medallist

Colby James West

Colby James West
XGames Medallist

Brilliant strategy and support that have seen Squirrel double year-on-year since we started working together.”

Kylie Harker

Owner Director | Squirrel Business Hub

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