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High Performance Strategies

Episode 1

Welcome To A World of High Performance & Strategy

For 25 years Dobbo has been an advisor to high performers. Over that time, he has met some incredible people and learned a lot himself. This show introduces you to those people, crystallizes their knowledge and has Dobbo guide you on how to apply the insights to the project you are working on. Meet his community of outliers.

Episode 2

Growing & Leading A Business You Own

Creating a profitable business without it consuming your whole life is hard. But it can be done. In this episode, Dobbo and his network of successful business owners outline the most direct path to success. These insights will guide you to the activities which allow for success.

Episode 3

Creating A High Performance Culture

The culture in most organisations initially happens by chance. However, as a business matures and hires more people, clarity of a deliberate culture becomes vital. In this episode, hear how business leaders approach culture and make it a tangible part of their business.

Episode 4

Sales Tips From Truly Elite Sales People

Ananda has landed billion-dollar deals. Rod sold his company for hundreds of millions. Geoff built a team of over 20,000 sales agents around the world. These guys have sales insights which will put your jaw on the floor! And Dobbo’s commentary will help you apply those insights to your business.

Episode 5

How To Be A High Value ‘Second In Charge’

The role of the senior leader is to create, retain and rescue high value customers. The role of those in the next level of leadership is to be taking more and more work off the leader’s hands – freeing up their time for leadership initiatives. Further, the 2IC is crucial in ensuring the leader’s message is carried accurately to the rest of the team. This episode looks at how to make that happen.

Episode 6

Hire & Retain Talent For Less

Shortages of talent in many sectors sees desperate businesses ‘paying overs’ to attract employees. This leads to B-Grade talent thinking they are more valuable to the company than they actually are. This does long-term damage to performance and culture. This is not a path you want to tread! In this episode Dobbo walks you through a legitimate strategy to have quality people join your team for less than competitors are offering. It is the highest value 25 minutes you will ever spend on your hiring and retention strategy.

Episode 7

Leading Through Multiple Lockdowns

COVID-19 related lockdowns provoke the same emotions as death. Death of lifestyle, relationships, freedom, plans, laughter. As a result, you can use a ‘grief’ model to understand what your people need. The high performer has a new struggle. The high performer never drops their standards, regardless of the volume of obstacles in their way. The challenge this time is the ways people have always refilled their energy tanks has been taken from them. That hasn’t really been the obstacle before. Tune in for a completely alternate way of looking at what you and your people need right now. It will make you feel better.

Episode 8

Lifting Your Team’s Performance

Most of Dobbo’s work as a keynote presenter and advisor is on the topic of creating elite teams. In this episode Dobbo outlines some of his models for lifting performance. Everything from provoking your team to desire improvement, building a team while remote, your role as a leader to gain buy-in, dealing with under-performers and having difficult conversations when needed.

Episode 9

Sports Mindset

In this episode Dobbo is interviewed by running coach Tyson Popplestone on the mindset tools he uses to guide his athletes.

Episode 10

Mastering Your Time – Part 1

Taken from Dobbo’s Mastering Time Workshop enjoy a totally new perspective on time management as you discover it is not time management, it is emotional management. In front of a live audience Dobbo will walk you through how to get your time back.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Mastering Your Time – Part 2

As the title suggest, this is part two of Dobbo’s live workshop on managing time. It explores the nitty gritty of what actions you need to take going forward.

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Episode 12

How To Lead A High Performance Team

When you lead a truly elite team, your role as a leader changes. You are typically dealing with very smart, driven and educated people, possibly with a confidence and ego to match. Leading them is like tuning a Ferrari not a billy cart. This is how to give them what they need.

Coming Soon

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