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ELEVATE July 2019


Looking forward to spending the day with you on July 25th.

This page has resources to prep you for the day if you would like them.

No need to print the PDF unless you want to. We will have them there on the day.


Download these resources for the day.

My first priority when working with elite talent is to ensure your time is being utilised optimally. Are you spending as much time as possible doing highly potent activities which will help you achieve your goals sooner?

The quickest way to determine this is to check your diary – do the tasks you allocate time to match your vision?

The key to mastering your time is to understand your relationship to time. Many people have trouble perceiving time – but with awareness, you can free up more time for highly potent activities which will turbo-charge your effectiveness.

These resources will help you master your time by:

  • Understanding your relationship to time.
  • Revealing the 3 segments of time, which dictate whether you’re in control of your time or at the mercy of external stimuli.
  • Helping you track your time so you can spend more time on your most potent activities.

Time Management Tools

Download the Next Level Time Management and Mastering Time worksheets to track where your time is bleeding.

But be warned – if you do this well, you’ll end up with a lot of free time. If you don’t have a clear vision of what you’ll do with all that extra time, you’ll just get sucked back into reactionary mode.

Video Resources

Does Your Diary Match Your Vision?
How Can We Work Best Together?
Using The Time Management Tool

“Mark has been instrumental in my development as a leader and assisting me to navigate through the many challenges faced in my varied roles.”

Jason CunninghamPartner at The Practice

“Mark had the respect of the playing group because of not only recounting stories of his own upbringing which was easily identifiable by my group, but also his work with world-class athletes.”

Gary Ayres5 x AFL Premiership player – Mark worked with Gary’s players before they played the perfect season. Zero losses.

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