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High Performance Leadership

Be better at what you do.

Developing High Performers
Mastering Time
4 KPIs of Elite Teams
Leading During Massive Change

Mark’s specific talent is taking high performers to even higher levels of excellence.

Athletes under Mark’s guidance have won medals in three Olympics, two Winter X Games, multiple World Championships, and have broken seven World Records.

Mark knows exactly how to apply the high-performance strategies used in sport directly to business and leadership. He has completely transformed sales teams, dramatically increased productivity, freed up leaders’ time, shortened sales cycles, and been a catalyst for change the leader imagines.

Dobbo has spent twenty-five years in the trenches alongside CEOs, world champion athletes, innovators, and pioneers. His clients are elite performers from every sphere – true outliers.

CEOs seek out Mark when they need to bypass the ‘yes men’ and cut through the rhetoric, crystallising elegant strategy to improve their people and the bottom line.

His corporate clients such as the big four banks, Energy Australia, Finstra, MotorOne, FleetPartners and braaap Motorcycles have seen company-wide improvements in efficiency, morale and results. While the Early College Mark was a founding member of in New York City, which fast-tracked students by two academic years, was praised by former President Barack Obama for its educational innovation. Mark truly understands elite communities and what it takes to create them.

Dobbo’s comprehensive High Performance Leadership Syllabus is an incredible framework for lifting talent to the next level. The 7 Conversations That Liberate Talent™ have been proven to ignite personal and professional growth immediately, in any setting.

High Performance Leadership
High Performance Culture
High Performance Time Management
High Performance Team

With Dobbo, success is only a conversation away.

Mark has a clear understanding of the mindset that is required in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance.

Ian PopeAustralian Olympic Swimming Coach
Mark Dobson

The 4 KPI’s of Elite Teams

“Mark’s 4KPI’s went viral through our organisation. People grabbed onto the language and we found other States started using it even though they hadn’t even been at the conference.”

Wayne Rue – Corporate Program Manager, Engie Australia



Becoming An Elite Team
The 4 KPI’s Of Elite Teams

Individual Performance

“So many people pose as mindset experts, yet really they just know a lot of cliches. Mark, however, is the real deal. He got me to World Championship Gold and has now coached me for over a decade and I still use him in my role at Google.

Matt Targett – Swimmer, World Champion & 2 x Olympian and Medalist.



Accessing People’s Capacity
Motivation Is Not Enough… Know How The Game Is Won

Resilience & Mindset

“Mark’s way gets people excited by the change and always concludes with a clear fix to the problem. It is indeed a rare gift. In all of my corporate experience Mark is truly one of a kind.”

Ananada Subbiah- VP,Global Strategic Engagement – Telarix
(Negotiated and landed 2 x One Billion Dollar Deals)



Applying Performance Mindsets
Developing Emotional Fitness

Performance In Leadership

The Essence Of Leadership
High Performance

You may not have heard of Mark, but you will know those he has personally advised


»      Matt Targett – World Champion Swimmer
»      Marieka Guehrer – 2 x World Record Holder
»      Christie Jenkins – Trampoline & Beach Volleyball
»      Colby West – 3 times Winter XGames Medallist
»      Kate Smyth – Olympic Runner
»      Gary Ayers – Port Melbourne FC (Played the perfect season)
»      Victoria Mitchell – Olympic Runner
»      Tansel Ali – Memorised the Yellow Pages
»      Grant Hackett – World Champion Swimmer
»      Kathryn O’Shea – Australian Mountain Bike Champion
»      Ian Pope – Australian Olympic Swimming Coach
»      Corey McKernan – AFL Premiership Player
»      Laetisha Scanlan – Shooter, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
»      Kobie Scott – Swimmer, 5 x World Record Holder
»      Ryan Tuerck – Drift Car Driver, USA, 10 Podiums


»      Bayer
»      National Australia Bank
»      braaap Motorcycles
»      Cancer Council
»      F&S Management
»      Fleet Partners
»      Bard High School Early College NYC
»      Forstaff Recruitment
»      Envisian – Cloud Computing
»      Incremental Systems
»      NRMA
»      Outward Bound
»      P&O
»      Snowgum
»      Sybase
»      Telstra
»      Toyota
»      The Practice
»      MotorOne

Brad Smith

Brad Smith – braaap Motorcycles

Colby James West

Colby James West – XGames Medalist

Matt Targett

Matt Targett – Olympic Swimmer

Tansel Ali

Tansel Ali – Memory Champion


Previous Clients
Ananda Subbiah on Mark in the Boardroom

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