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November 23rd

IBIS Hotel – Therry St. Melb CBD
9.30am – 2.30pm

What do you want to kick start or supercharge?

  • What is it that you keep dreaming about doing?
  • What area of your life have you just not mastered yet?
  • What do you keep saying you are going to do but you haven’t acted on?

This day is a chance to leverage the fact that you know someone in the elite performance industry and who can apply 25 years of performance insight to your own life.

A Day To Get Your Life Cranking.

For 25 years Mark has advised legitimate elite performers around the globe in sport, business and personal ambition. Once a year he throws a massive one day event exclusive to his extended network.

Whatever it is that you have been wanting to get clear on, act on, meaning to do or wishing you had achieved, on this day Mark will coach you through how to make it happen.

“Mark has a clear understanding of the mind-set that is required
in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance.”
Ian Pope – Australian Olympic Swimming Coach


The event is free. Just let us know who your connection is.


A chance to lift your life to the next level!

On this day, Mark will blow you away with how he can take a complicated topic or situation and simplify it down to a simple and elegant solution – that is do-able. As the day goes on you will notice your dreams becoming more and more obtainable as Mark dissolves obstacles you thought were impossible and introduces you to world class strategies to create the change you have wanted in your life.

Mark has advised elite performers across 3 Olympics, 3 Winter X Games, Multiple World Championship and to 7 World Records, and on this day you get to enjoy the rewards of applying his skills to your life.

Those elites that Mark as advised are no different than you.  They faced the same obstacles & problems you do:

  • Career Blocks
  • Stagnation
  • Doubt
  • Life Direction
  • Relationships
  • Failures
  • and feeling completely under-resourced.

They succeed when they are finally exposed to a solution they had not seen before. It’s not motivation that is the magic ingredient, it is genius.

They are no different to you!

“The day after you did the visualisation with me I took 2 seconds off my PB. I later went to Queensland for the Australian Championships where I broke a world record in my classification. Without you helping me and the book you gave me, I could never have done that.”
Kobie Scott – Para Olympian – Set 5 World Records

The first step to creating the change and growth you want is allocating time to it!

The second step is to be using the right strategy!

Most people never allocate any serious time to the change they want to make, mostly because they don’t see a strategy that would reward them for any time they put in.  At best they ‘dabble’ or ‘tinker’ with their life.

This one day however will launch you! It has a fantastic return on time as Mark is a walking library of strategies and will answer your questions, workshop your goals and outline performance principles you never knew existed.

Do you want to radically improve one of the following:

  • Social life?
  • Job fulfilment?
  • Finances?
  • Confidence?
  • Business Growth?
  • People Skills?
  • Romantic Relationship?
  • Life Direction?

This day is the easiest place to start… and it is fun! Not ‘awkward’ fun, real laughs with great people.


From Mark:

“When I was younger I was constantly frustrated that my friends and colleagues didn’t have the same passion and drive that I had. I felt lonely because no one around me seemed to want more. So over many years I built the community I craved. I

To build this community I knew I had to make sure that I offered something of real value to people. I needed to create something that people wanted to be part of because it made their life better. So I started with very small groups, suggesting to people that we all apply our skills to each others goals. It worked so well that I did it again and again, each time with more people, with more impressive abilities.

This Live More day is now the public face of those communities. It’s a magic group of people creating extraordinary lives… and you are welcome to enjoy it for a day.

You don’t need to do it all on your own. Come and hang with a bunch of switched on people who you can grow with and bounce ideas off.”




Jo serving medical care in Malawi

Mick getting his project to the studio

Katherine winning another national medal

Discover how these strategies apply to your life too!

Jon & Courtney getting remote in Panama

Cam now running his own events

Exeter Girls win the New England Champs

Here is some of what you can expect:

  • A bloody fun day!
  • Very practical ways to discover your purpose and build a life around it.
  • Insight to the behind the scenes of how world class results were achieved.
  • Strategies to flush out the essence of your talent so you can be awesome at it.
  • Sophisticated approaches to creating the experiences you want in your life, faster.
  • An uncommon line of thinking that liberates your ability to navigate through challenges.
  • Inclusion into a quality community of people who are having a red hot crack at life.
  • A sustainable and long term game plan for using what you learn at LIVE MORE.
  • Drinks at the bar afterwards.


Specific topics explored will be around:

  • Getting clear on what you want and what your next big move is
  • Increasing the fulfilment in your relationships and careers
  • Knowing how to have influence when it matters
  • Supercharging ability and talent

Whether you need direction, inspiration, strategy, to be intellectually stretched or just to be around quality people, you will find it at this one day event.


Experience an easier way to make your ideas happen!


Allocate one day to the life you want!


Build Brand Niki

Nikki’s new chain of shops

Scott Newnham Australian Idol

Scott smashing it on Australian Idol

"So that puts my total for prize money for the season at around $51,000. With my new sponsorship with Monster, Volkl, Smith, and Sunice, I have reached my goal of $100,000 for the year!"

Colby James West - Pro Skiier

"'The way Mark was able to make his point or points with a degree of humor made his presentation and the way he connected with my group of players more engaging and it made them absorb the information much more"

Gary Ayers - 4 x AFL Premiership Captain

Be part of a community of go-getters!