Coaching For Performance


Endorsed by World Champion swimmer Grant Hackett, this is a framework of strategies for developing and liberating high performance talent.


Coaching for Performance

A framework for liberating talent

If you are in a role which requires you to get people to their best, this audio will be invaluable to you.

Whether you are a leader, a coach or someone passionately developing your own talent, this framework will provoke a cascade of “Aha!” moments as you rapidly recognise opportunities for significant growth.

After doing a presentation to the swimmers of Australian Swimming Coach, Ian Pope, World Champion swimmer Grant Hackett said to Mark, “Lots of people come to us with their flip charts and pie graphs, but your stuff is different. We can actually use your stuff!” And that is just what is in this program – performance theories crystallised into a usable framework of strategies for developing and liberating talent.

Coaching For Performance includes:

  • Mark’s Performance Framework for Liberating Talent
    • Developing a Vision ahead of Goals
    • Aligning Beliefs
    • The 100 Point Skill Assessment Model
    • Connecting Performers to Motivation
    • Building Support Around A Performer
    • Customising Strategy to Ones Nature
    • Identity Matching
  • The Umbrella Coaching model to ensure the quality of coaching conversations
  • Loads of stories and examples of the implementation of this framework and how you can get similar results.

Delivered as:

• Audio (MP3) duration 2.5 hours