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Next Level Time Management

Reclaiming Time

When creating change in any organisation, the first thing to do is free up key people’s time so they can be potent with new activities.

Unfortunately the current era of tech is doing anything but that. Instead, leaders and their teams live in a constant state of ‘busy’ with the day flying and the really potent things not getting done. Boundaries between work and home have dissolved, and the epic amount of noise from smart phones and email culture cloud people’s ability to see a priority and then find uninterrupted time to act on it. People have lost the art of productivity.

In Mark’s Next Level Time Management presentation he coaches you through his framework for getting your time back. He shows you:

  • where your time actually goes
  • how to design a customised week which liberates your talent
  • how to create boundaries which launch your productivity
  • how to drive potent activity forward, unhindered.

The video above is from a workshop Mark ran for his One to Ten Business Club. He went on to workshop the audience’s application of the content to their business and leadership. You can download two of the worksheets Mark used to do this below.

Applying the Framework

Download the Next Level Time Management Worksheet to recognise and list activities in each of the three time categories.

Use the Time Management Tool to track your time over a week to help you recognise patterns and opportunities.

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“Mark has been instrumental in my development as a leader and assisting me to navigate through the many challenges faced in my varied roles.”

Jason CunninghamPartner at The Practice

“Mark had the respect of the playing group because of not only recounting stories of his own upbringing which was easily identifiable by my group, but also his work with world-class athletes.”

Gary Ayres5 x AFL Premiership player – Mark worked with Gary’s players before they played the perfect season. Zero losses.

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