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“More than a thousand have climbed Everest, very few can do what Mark Dobson does. He is a master of innovation.”

Matt Targett – Olympic Medallist & World Championship Gold Medallist

“Mark has a clear understanding of the mind-set that is required in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance.”

Ian Pope – Australian Olympic Swimming Coach

“I was so surprised by the effectiveness of his material that I came to Australia to follow Mark’s work for a month. What I discovered was beyond anything I could have imagined. A comprehensive wealth of knowledge, perfectly organised to absorb.”

Susanne Rosenberger – Stuttering Intensive Therapist, Germany

“Fantastic, fun and fulfilling. Not only will he get you wanting to hear more from him, but you will want to actually do more for yourself and your company. I would now say there are two types of dynamic facilitators who can create pure productivity: Mark Dobson, and those who wish they were.”

Travis Clark – National Learning and Development Manager, Motor One

“Mark is a gold mine of strategy and insights, collected from all the incredible people he has worked with around the world.”

Brad Smith – CEO, Braaap Motorcycles

“I’d say Mark is more effective as a teacher than the (Harvard Graduate School of Education) graduates with whom I have worked.”

U Ba Win – Vice-President for Early College Policy & Programs, Bard College, NYC

“In all of my corporate experience, Mark is truly one-of-a-kind, and on every occasion I have seen him turn a series of tough conversations into excitement in the team.”

Ananda Subbiah – Executive General Manager of Cloud Enablement, Oakton

“Mark has shown me how to use my strengths and abilities not only to compete, but to dominate in competition.”

Tansel Ali – Australian Memory Champion, Grand Master of Memory

“Mark injected an amazing amount of energy into our organisation, and for me personally has been a real inspiration.”

Paul Burgess – CEO, Link Up International

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