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You’re not safe

By Life, Mindset, Thoughts, Wisdom
Sometimes I can’t relax. I might be sitting with friends or family at dinner, walking on the beach or doing something that looks like a dream moment from the outside, but I am just not there. I’m scared.

My adrenals are still pumping. My day has been one of cutting crisis off at the pass, dealing with difficult people and getting nervous about things I may have missed or forgotten. There is now no risk of any significance yet my adrenalin still has me wired. Scared. Anxious.

What am I scared of? What is this anxiety? Why can’t I switch off and enjoy just being happy?

I try to rationalize it away yet something inside of me, something that should not be ignored, says I am not safe. That at any second this magic moment will be shattered by something unpleasant.  I want to switch the angst off but maybe this angst is sending me a message I need to pay attention to. So I keep listening for the message. Read More

I Want My Most Significant Year Yet – with more clarity & direction than ever!

By Goals, Life, Mindset, Thoughts

Somehow, each year I start off with the best intention but as the year continues my life and diary seems to get more and more complicated.

There are the things that I want to do/create/experience, yet at the end of each day or even month I rarely feel closer to those things. Not as much as I would like anyway.

So during the end of the year Christmas break I mentally log where my time went to understand what the hell has been slowing down my progress? Read More

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear

Ambrose Redmoon