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Increase Your Goal Capacity

By Beliefs, Coaching, Goals, Performance

Increase Your Goal Capacity

When we set a goal, inherent in its character, it will be beyond our present capacity.

Even a goal to paint the fence on the weekend will require adjustment to our present weekend habit.

We have the capacity to paint the fence, but the looming threat to success is the decisions those around us may make, which could derail us.

That is why, mid week, we announce to all parties “I’m painting the fence on Saturday!”

Painting may not be a glamorous as Olympic or commercial success, but the process is the identical; once the goal is set we must anticipate what could go wrong and increase our capacity to handle calamity.

For instance, an athlete may have trained meticulously for twelve years to be at the Olympics, then before the opening ceremony they learn they are required to walk 5km to the opening ceremony, stand waiting for three hours, then parade for several hours before walking home again.  Read More

Measure Your Life With Your Diary

By Coaching, Life, Performance

Your diary is your life’s mirror.

If you want to know how your life is tracking, look at your diary. Your diary is an exact reflection of your life and the decisions you make to create it.

Think about your week ahead. That is not your ‘schedule’ or your ‘week’ or ‘what you have on’. That is your life!

And it is worth retracing your steps to assess what decisions you made that created it?

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