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Supercharge Your Resume!

By Career, Goals, Talent

Reading a resume can be just like reading an internet dating profile. Everyone says the same stuff, completely unaware they are BORING! The profile typically gives the reader nothing they could fall in love with. We could delete the name at the top and it could be anyone.

“I am a fun, happy and love to travel. Family is really important to me and on the weekends I enjoy hanging out with friends going for breakfast and maybe a cheeky glass of wine (red) in the evening.”

No kidding?! Wow!!! Who would have thought you love family, friends, wine and you think you are fun?! Who would have thought!

Unfortunately for them, that is probably 97% of the population. Seriously!! It is a competitive market out there! Everyone ‘thinks’ they are an awesome catch but how can someone fall in love with you without knowing what makes you unique?

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