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A More Fulfilled Life

By Goals, Life, Performance, Wisdom
I remember throwing that chair across the backyard harder than I had ever thrown anything in my life. It was a reckless act. Uninhibited. Instinctive. Desperate. I was distraught. “It shouldn’t be this hard!” I screamed as it flew through the air. I was aware that Mum and Dad watched on as I lost it and I felt for them. Their son’s pain was their pain. I was in tears, I ran away and just cried, for a long time.

I was about twenty five when that happened I think; full of passion. I had a dream of how I wanted to live and it wasn’t happening, at all. Actually my life was going backwards and at pace. I had no money, no clients, my friendship circle was getting smaller and any strategy I had to remedy the situation was failing.

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A Framework for Recruiting & Retaining High Performers

By Business, Leadership, Performance, Talent
Anyone can hire but not everyone can find, hire and retain a high performer.

No matter how many space cadets you have interviewed or how many awesome people have slipped through your fingers, the high performer you dream of does exist and is available.

Mind you, attracting and retaining them is a skill and may require you to fine tune some aspects of your own game to reel them in. Success requires strong leadership throughout the whole process; if you fail to lead you will lose. Read More

Increase Your Goal Capacity

By Beliefs, Coaching, Goals, Performance

Increase Your Goal Capacity

When we set a goal, inherent in its character, it will be beyond our present capacity.

Even a goal to paint the fence on the weekend will require adjustment to our present weekend habit.

We have the capacity to paint the fence, but the looming threat to success is the decisions those around us may make, which could derail us.

That is why, mid week, we announce to all parties “I’m painting the fence on Saturday!”

Painting may not be a glamorous as Olympic or commercial success, but the process is the identical; once the goal is set we must anticipate what could go wrong and increase our capacity to handle calamity.

For instance, an athlete may have trained meticulously for twelve years to be at the Olympics, then before the opening ceremony they learn they are required to walk 5km to the opening ceremony, stand waiting for three hours, then parade for several hours before walking home again.  Read More

How To Get Your Time Back

By Life, Performance, Talent, Wisdom

Getting Your Time (Life) Back

When you get your time back you get your life back.

Of course with the responsibilities of kids, businesses, families and similar, it is likely you may only be able to scrape together small pockets of time at first… but this is what to do with those pockets to get more time back:

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Measure Your Life With Your Diary

By Coaching, Life, Performance

Your diary is your life’s mirror.

If you want to know how your life is tracking, look at your diary. Your diary is an exact reflection of your life and the decisions you make to create it.

Think about your week ahead. That is not your ‘schedule’ or your ‘week’ or ‘what you have on’. That is your life!

And it is worth retracing your steps to assess what decisions you made that created it?

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Peddling like crazy isn’t the answer.

By Goals, Mindset, Performance, Wisdom

If you are riding a bicycle at full speed and I ask you to go ‘just a little bit faster’, naturally you’d have a crack and peddle harder, right? For a while you would anyway, until you burned out.

Mind you, you could have achieved going ‘just a little bit faster’ with much more ease by getting on a motorbike, in a car or using any powered transport for that matter. That’s always the seduction – we get sucked in to thinking that the bicycle is not a variable.

We think the challenge of going a bit faster fundamentally revolves around the bicycle. We hear “the goal is to go faster; the method is a bicycle.”

Now apply that to the dream house you want to have. Or the medal you want to win. Or any goal you have.

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Prove Yourself In Your Industry?

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How do I Prove Myself  In My Industry?

Recently, after the formalities and speeches at a friends wedding, I was asked by a guy in his late 20’s, how I had established myself in my industry? It’s not uncommon for me to be asked questions like this however on most occasions people don’t listen to how I did it, they listen for things that verify their ideas.

On this occasion I could see in his eyes, he was hoping I wouldn’t brush his question aside with a polite answer. He was looking for me to answer honestly. He had hunger in his eyes. Not blind motivation, hunger. So I told him as straight as I could. I took a deep breath.

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So Busy That Nothing Happens

By Goals, Performance, Talent

In 2010, the now famous entrepreneur and Superlight rider Brad Smith, hired me to coach him.  If you haven’t heard of Brad, he is the founder and CEO of braaap motorcycles, which in it’s first year turned over a million dollars when Brad was just 18.  He was now 23 and had built braaap into a national enterprise and Australia’s only motorbike manufacturer.  To further create the picture of what Brad is like, on two occasions he had won Young Australian Entrepreneur of the year, and on three occasions braaap had won Telstra Retail Business of the year. Brad is Australia’s Richard Branson. Read More